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Torpo swimming kickboards are made from 100% XL Extralight foam. Because of the production process, and unlike many other foam production processes, there is very little or no waste foam during the production of Torpo. This is an extract from the XL Extralight website on sustainability:


We designed a production cycle for XL EXTRALIGHT® minimizing production waste, while exploiting clean energy from proprietary solar plants at the same time. Each and every component with XL EXTRALIGHT® technology is checked and tested in line with the highest safety standards, achieving materials without any harmful solvent or heavy metals. With the Sustainable+ technology, XL EXTRALIGHT® reaches the pinnacle of this recycling commitment, with a product that reduces by 50% the mining resources consumption.

*XL EXTRALIGHT is completely without: lead, mercury, chromium, cadmium, nickel, antimony, arsenic, formaldehyde, phthalates, PAHs, polychromatic hydrocarbons, benzene and CFCs chlorofluorocarbons*


As yet, XL Extralight foam cannot easily be recycled and Torpo cannot yet be made with a recyclable foam with the density and quality to make it work. We hope that if after many years of Torpo use you don’t have a need for it, you will be able to recycle, maybe to make new Torpos for the next generation. So when you have finished using it, we recommend you hand your Torpo to another user or swimming club. We will update you here if direct recycling with XL Extralight foam becomes easily possible.

The box and leaflet may be recycled through usual cardboard and paper recycling channels. Our packaging has been designed to be easily recycled in this way. We are working with our distributors to ensure that no plastics are used in the distribution process. However, we recommend you keep the box and leaflet in case of return and for guidance.


As part of the Torpo Community project to Reduce Plastics, we at Torpo Ltd financially support the reduction of plastics in our oceans and waterways worldwide. A donation from our profits will go every year to one or more charities who dedicate themselves to achieving this aim, click here for more details. We are also part of the campaign to Reduce Plastics. Please follow our social media @torpouk on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and support this campaign.

Storage and Maintenance Procedures

The Torpo T500 is made of high quality XL Extralight ® foam. This has the quality seal UNI EN ISO 9001. The molecular construction of the foam finish is anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal to help stop any transmission of germs. It is also colour fast, shockproof, latex free, water, UV radiation and chlorine resistant. So, it should last for many years in the harsh environments around swimming pools or open water.


The nature of the foam and design of the Torpo should avoid any injuries as it is rounded, smooth and soft to touch. Yet we recommend it is used only as a swim training aid and stored safely when out of the water. It is resistant to biting though please keep Torpo away from babies and young children.


When not in use, to increase its durability, we recommend that your Torpo is kept away from direct sunlight and stored in a dry place away from salt and chlorinated water. You may need to allow your Torpo to dry after use and drain any residual water away.


The Torpo should only require occasional wiping of the surface and cleaning of any handholds or grooves with clean warm water. It should not require any other maintenance and we do not recommend the use of any strong chemical detergents to clean it.

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