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Use & Training Guide

Torpo® is a revolutionary new swimming training kickboard aimed at kicking practise to replace the traditional 'flat' kickboard. It has benefits to all the four main strokes and in fitness uses beyond just swim training. The shape of Torpo® primarily improves sideways body roll in the front crawl stroke. It also benefits butterfly and breast stroke by allowing kicking drills not possible with a traditional flat kickboard.

Here are some basic training ideas for Torpo®, we recommend that drills (other than breaststroke) are varied, with fins and without.


How to hold your Torpo® T500

Torpo® can be held in many ways. For most uses rest both hands on top of Torpo® or with hands at the side and with any combination of your fingers in the handholds. The thumbs should be kept loose and pointing forwards.


You will find that with the resistance of water, you will not need much grip to hold it in place. Get used to adjusting your hold from all four fingers of each hand in the handholds to only one or two fingers, allowing more control as shown in the diagram. On your back, turn your hands around so that your fingers are on top of Torpo® and pushing down. Here are some basic training ideas for Torpo®.

Front Crawl / Freestyle


Use Torpo® like a standard kickboard. You'll quickly see the benefits to your core, shoulders and arms as you keep stable and flat by engaging core muscle groups.


Try streamlining by keeping your head in the water, rotating the body and head to breathe. This should ease strain on the lower back from extended kick drills. To reduce shoulder strain, place hands either side of Torpo® with only one or two fingers in the handholds. 


Benefit from Torpo's® perfect roll instability by kicking at a 45 degree angle and sideways breathing. Use the gradation lines (on advanced Torpo®) or a half roll to accurately keep 45 degrees.


This is the best angle for body rotation during breath-in and arm extraction. This drill develops muscle and mental memory of the 45 degree kick position. Roll to opposite side for next 6 kicks. This drill also develops breathing from both sides.


As above but with 12 kicks each side.

45° SIDE

Complete each length keeping accurate 45 degree body position and side breathing. Switch sides after each length.


With one hand on top of Torpo®, the other arm moves as in the usual freestyle stroke. Switch arms after each length, or even after a set number of strokes (e.g. 12).


Use Torpo® for leg only breaststroke drills. Its reduced drag and natural balanced shape allow precise upper body movement and can help enhance body vertical movement whilst breast leg kicking. Aim for the same vertical body movement as in the normal breaststroke.


Exaggerate the vertical movement of the upper body and arms, using Torpo® to help this upwards and downwards movement.


Use Torpo® for leg only butterfly drills. With both hands on Torpo® in front, practise a two beat fly leg kick between each breath. Focus on body movement letting the body follow Torpo® through the arms, head, shoulders, hips and feet into each kick. Each time, a mini dive of Torpo® with the body following and a two beat kick.

Fly drills can be varied to a one beat kick per breath or multiple kicks per breath deeper under the water. Side drills at a 45° angle flykicking continuously whilst breathing up to the side. This can be done with both or a single hand in front on Torpo®.


Torpo® can be held in front whilst on the back and kicking. This is slightly less fatiguing than the usual no float, both arms extended kick. It especially gives more buoyancy to weaker swimmers, whilst still allowing back kicking drills.

Other uses for your Torpo® T500

TUMBLE TURN DRILLS – Find a space for each swimmer away from the wall. Extend arms fully whilst holding Torpo®, then pull Torpo® tight into the stomach to execute fast forward roll followed by full arm extension. This drill can help develop a forward roll and faster roll which can then be used with or without Torpo® near a wall for the full Tumble turn practise.


Torpo® may be used for other swim training uses or water based exercise. Torpo® is great for children. It's fun design in the junior versions (available soon) make learning enjoyable. It is excellent for all kicking drills, but also adds fun to the training process so often missing from swim practise, especially when using the flat kickboard. 'Social kick' is still possible with swimmers heads up whilst doing kicking drills and catching up on club gossip; though your coach may not be happy!

'WATERPOLO FRONT CRAWL – Use Torpo® like a waterpolo ball, between the arms but not held, with a head up controlled body with big freestyle leg kick, great for leg and core strength.


AQUAEROBICS – Torpo® may be used partly or solely for these water-based fitness classes. Its natural rotation yet longitudinal stability make it ideal for these exercises.

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