The Torpo® T500 is a next generation swim kickboard aimed at kicking practise to replace the traditional ‘flat’ kickboard. It has benefits to all four of the main strokes and in fitness uses beyond just swim training. The shape of the Torpo® T500 swimboard primarily improves core strength and sideways body rotation in the freestyle stroke. It also benefits back, butterfly and breast stroke by allowing kicking drills not possible with a traditional flat board.

Torpo® T500
Swim Kickboard

Manufactured in Italy and made to the highest quality using an injection moulding process from XL EXTRALIGHT® Foam – an innovative technology foam which is closed-cell, UV resistant, anti-microbial and anti-allergenic.

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The science of swimming

After over 70 years of swimmers learning and training with 'flat' floats, Torpo® has been designed and developed to take swimming to a new level.

The revolutionary swimming training aid encourages rotation, in addition to helping improve core strength and having a low drag co-effieciency which allows use in all strokes.


Torpo® works by being perfectly unstable in the rolling motion side-to-side, like a 'swiss ball' is in the gym. It allows swimmers both inexperienced and highly competent to roll whilst kicking. It will help young swimmers to roll more freely and develop a better leg kick and body motion as they improve their swimming. Rotating to 45°-60° is easy with the Torpo® T500, helping swimmers learn the correct body roll angle by mental and muscle memory when training, so when the full stroke is performed, a more accurate and natural body roll ensues. It can also help the advanced swimmer excel at their technique, by opposing hip roll which balances the swimmer whilst rolling the upper body.


Ergonomic design

Ergonomic shape with an abrased surface around the handholds make for easy grip and control with one or two hands.

Low resistance

A spherical front encourages rotation for freestyle kicking and low drag for fly and breaststroke kicking.

Builds core strength

Instability in rotation builds core strength and promotes body roll and longitudinal stability gives balance in all main strokes.

Superior quality

Engineered finish in sustainable XL Extralight foam that is flexible, comfortable, UV resistant, antimicrobial, washable and antiallergic

The idea for the Torpo® T500 swimming training aid was inspired by the way modern fighter jet aircraft are designed to be 'unstable', allowing for fast roll rates. Similarly, using Torpo®, the swimmer controls roll during front crawl kicking drills which enhances hip and shoulder rotation, minimising drag and improving speed. Use Torpo® during kicking drills to ensure the correct body movement is set as a foundation from a young age up to elite level.

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